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Happy Halloween ^.^

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I think [Give Me] Novacaine is sort of the song about trying to find that escape in places that are probably not the most healthy things in the world. If you let it take you over you can lose yourself in it. I think that’s what [Give Me] Novacaine is kind of about. That sort of defining moment where you actually lose yourself into your own demons in a lot of ways. -Billie Joe Armstrong

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For Anyone (u_u)

I’m sick of the constant rejection to my person so I return to my home planet located beyond Pluto. Therefore I leave the Tumblr. I’m going to lose hundreds of wonderful images, both Coldplay, The Killers, Oasis, kittens and more. On this planet there is no Internet! jk. No, the reality is different, for personal matters of great importance and significance, I left the Internet indefinitely. What will be, will be, really do not know. The only regret is that I’m going to miss Halloween, thing I enjoy celebrating here at Tumblr. So long! Bye for now!

Estoy harta del constante rechazo hacia mi persona por eso regreso a mi planeta natal ubicado más allá de pluton. Por tal motivo me voy del Tumblr. Voy a perdermer cientos de imágenes maravillosas, tanto de Coldplay, The killers, Oasis, gatitos y demás. ¡En este planeta no hay Internet! ¡Sólo bromeo! No, la realidad es otra, por asuntos personales de gran importancia y trascendencia me voy alejar del Internet por un tiempo indefinido. Que será, será, la verdad no lo sé. Lo único que lamento es que me voy a perder el Halloween, cosa que disfruto celebrar aquí en el Tumblr. ¡Hasta la vista, adiós por ahora!

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